About Information Security Media Group

Back in 2006, the founders of ISMG saw a need for an independent source for unbiased information on compliance, governance, fraud, audit, information security, and risk management related topics specifically geared towards vertical industries. Information Security Media Group was founded to address this immediate need.

BankInfoSecurity was launched to address this need for the financial services sector. Since the BankInfoSecurity.com site was released in 2006, ISMG has consistently added products to meet the growing needs of its subscriber base. In early 2007, based on the demand from the original subscribers, a site specifically catering to the Credit Union sector - CUInfoSecurity - was released.

Two years later, early in 2009, ISMG launched a government-focused website GovInfoSecurity. A series of high-profile attacks from nation states in recent years have renewed Interests from the legislative community and other government agencies on a range of cyber warfare and information security related topics. This site caters to their interests and concerns.

Fast-forward another year, to early 2010, where a major shift happening in the healthcare industry to electronic medial records has prompted vigorous attention to be paid to security and privacy matters. ISMG launched HealthcareInfoSecurity at this time as legislators, regulators, practitioners, and patients are focusing on strengthening healthcare information security.

In 2011, after seeing an explosive growth from the international marketplace, ISMG expanded into Europe and Asia markets. International domains .UK, .EU, .IN, and .ASIA were launched.

Along with an enhanced international presence, in 2011 ISMG also launched three new publications: InfoRiskToday, DataBreachToday, and CareersInfoSecurity. These topic-centric publications cater to a fastest growing community concerned with topics like Risk Management, Breach Response and above all, their own careers within Information Security and related profession. These sites also retain their respective international counterparts - .UK, .EU, .IN, .ASIA.

Today, ISMG is the largest media company solely focused on Information Security, Risk Management, Fraud, Compliance and other related topics. The firm’s footprint and the subscriber-base extends from the North American markets to Europe, Asia and Australia.

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