Context Matters

Whether your product messaging targets prospects within a specific geographic region, industry or job function – ISMG has a marketing solution that will focus on prospects no matter where they are in the buying cycle.

Geographic Location

ISMG can deliver your messaging to anywhere in the world that your clients reside. Our publications reach visitors and subscribers in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, India, Latin America and Asia.

Target Industry

ISMG can deliver your messaging to one or more industry sectors. ISMG’s industry as well as topic specific publications allow marketers to directly target their intended audience.

Job Function / Title Level

ISMG can deliver your messaging to the right function including information technology, risk management, and finance. We can also help reach practitioners as well as senior executives across industries and around the globe.

The Buying Cycle

ISMG can deliver your messaging to prospects throughout the buying cycle. Our content drives visitors to engage. Based on those actions, ISMG helps marketers identify the prospect’s needs and location in the buying cycle.

Engagement Preference

ISMG can deliver your messaging digitally, in-person, or via a combination of vehicles. Via our website, social media or inperson events, marketers gain direct access to prospects.

Relevant Security Topics

ISMG can deliver your messaging on a specific security topic and help position your organization as a leader in its field. Our structure supports topic-specific messaging involving a range of security-related topics.

Building Trust

Simply put, information security and risk management professionals trust ISMG.
Trusted by Professionals

Creating Value

Anyone with Internet access can find plenty of free information, yet security professionals continue to pay to access our content.
Valuable Content

With a constantly expanding subscriber base representing over 60,000 organizations, generating 8.8 million page views per month, ISMG’s premium content continues to attract security practitioners from around the globe.

ISMG consistently creates high quality content that covers the latest news and most pressing issues affecting the security community.

We also provide premium education that places actionable intelligence in the hands of our subscribers, which they can immediately use to address the most challenging problems they face. To date, over 40,000 professionals have participated in ISMG educational webinars.

Research that Matters

In addition to sharing the latest news and providing premium education, ISMG invests considerable resources to help identify and define threats on the horizon. Our research, coupled with participation and insight from our editorial board and vendor partners, increases awareness, and, consequently, the need for third party solutions.

Over 100,000 professionals have participated in our educational programs.

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