Fraud Summit


September 23, 2014 - London Marriot Hotel Grosvenor Square

ISMG's Fraud Summit is a one-day event focused exclusively
on the top fraud trends impacting organizations and the
mitigation strategies to overcome those challenges.
Rafael Abreu

Rafael Abreu
International Sales Manager, GAS Tecnologia, Diebold

Andreas Baumhof

Andreas Baumhof
Chief Technology Officer, ThreatMetrix

Seth Berman

Seth Berman
Executive Managing Director, Stroz Friedberg

Rita Di Antonio

Rita Di Antonio
Managing Director, IAPP Europe

Tom Field

Tom Field
Vice President - Editorial, ISMG

Ian Howells

Ian Howells
CMO, Argyle Data

Neira Jones

Neira Jones
Independent Advisor & International Speaker

Tracy Kitten

Tracy Kitten
Executive Editor, BankInfoSecurity & CUInfoSecurity

Mark Lazar

Mark Lazar
Global Vice President, Fraud and Identity Solutions, Verint

John Lyons

John Lyons
CEO, International Cyber Security Protection Alliance

Rohan Massey

Rohan Massey
Partner, McDermott Will & Emery UK LLP

Uri Rivner

Uri Rivner
VP, Business Development & Cyber Strategy, BioCatch

Steve Strickland

Steve Strickland
Academy Founder and Senior Police Lead, City of London Police

Michael Theis

Michael Theis
Chief Counterintelligence Expert, Carnegie Mellon University CERT Insider Threat Center


2014 Faces of Fraud Survey Presentation - Special European Edition

We’ll start the day with a detailed review of BankInfoSecurity’s latest “Faces of Fraud” survey focused on the European market. Receive insights and expert analysis of such topics as:

  • How are the areas of retail, payment card, in person, insider and mobile fraud evolving?
  • Which aspects of the new legislation are most impactful in fighting fraud?
  • Today's most predominant and damaging fraud incidents impacting banking institutions and their customers;
  • New anti-fraud investments institutions are making to thwart the fraudsters and satisfy the demands of regulatory agencies

Presenters: Neira Jones - Partner, Accourt; Tom Field - VP Editorial, ISMG;

Call Centre Fraud: The Latest Scams and Strategies – Voice Biometrics and Caller Validation

Contact centres increasingly are the key “soft” targets for fraudsters who impersonate legitimate customers to alter or obtain information. This information is then used to facilitate direct and cross-channel fraud, which can be very difficult to tie back to the call-centre entry point. How do fraudsters conduct these attacks, and how can financial institutions fight back with voice biometrics and other technology solutions? Learn:

  • How can I protect my call centres from attack?
  • The social engineering techniques fraudsters use to deceive call-centre staff;
  • How this information leads to direct or cross-channel fraud – and why it’s so tough to track;
  • How new voice biometrics solutions can help reduce call centre-related fraud.

Presenter: Vijay Balasubramaniyan - CEO, Pindrop;

Creating Actionable Intelligence and the Advances in Threat Information Exchange

Collecting security and fraud related data from multiple sources can often just result in creating a very large pool of unrelated facts. But begin to add context to that data and you now have information. Triangulate multiple pieces of information together and you can create intelligence, indicative of a real and active threat. This session will answer questions such as:

  • How can I create Actionable Intelligence from data feeds?
  • How will emerging threat information exchange specifications such as TAXII/STIX effect our ability to collect and share standardized threat information with the broader community.
  • How do I best select and combine internal context and event information with the various open source and commercial external threat intelligence feeds available?

Insider Fraud Detection - The Appliance of Science

See the startling results of meticulous analysis of hundreds of real life insider attacks and learn about new technologies that are able to detect the anomalous behavior patterns often before fraud occurs.

The analysis results clearly indicate that contrary to the majority of headlines, stealthy insiders pose a huge fraud risk to organizations, flying far under the radar for extended periods of time. These insiders are often senior, trusted staff with privileged access to accounts and valuable data. Alternately, innocent employees become pawns when they fall victim to social engineering or targeted attacks that lead to fraud.

The following questions will be answered:

  • How can I predict and or detect an internal attack
  • What is the ratio of internal to external fraud attacks and their associated value?
  • What types of attack do internal actors carry out and why?

Presenter: Michael Theis - Chief Counterintelligence Expert, Carnegie Mellon University CERT Insider Threat Center;

Bitcoin Fraud: The Perfect Crime

Bitcoin, a next-generation crypto-currency whose origin is shrouded in mystery, is receiving growing attention from cybercriminals and is perhaps the largest real-world testing lab for the effects of trust on consumer and business demand. This fascinating presentation will demonstrate how Bitcoins are acquired, exchange hands, and show how Bitcoin digital wallets can be easily compromised, we’ll also see:

  • What sort of malware targets Bitcoin and is two-factor authentication enough?
  • Why is the Bitcoin economy a better target than online banking
  • What can we learn from it when considering other next-generation payment schemes?

Presenter: Uri Rivner - VP Cyber Strategy, BioCatch;

Adversarial Machine Learning for Fraud Detection - How can organizations benefit from the pioneering work of the NSA and Facebook

How is technology evolving to analyze multiple and massive streams of data in real time to detect fraudulent activity. The NSA has pioneered data collection techniques at a staggering scale, potentially monitoring all activity for an entire country. Facebook has pioneered adversarial machine learning fraud detection into an “Immune System” that can carry out tens of billions of checks per day to find patterns where the fraudsters are purposefully trying not to create any. We will discuss how the combination and augmentation of these technologies with deep packet inspection enables organizations to deploy them and we will learn how such a solution could:

  • Analyze sparsely populated data sets but that may have millions of distinct features
  • Learn what a negative pattern is where none existed before
  • Perform this analysis in real time and at a massive scale

Presenter: Dr. Ian Howells - CMO, Argyle Data;

Mobile Fraud

Mobile banking is growing out of its infancy and experts predict it will soon be the dominant banking and payments channel. With the vast array of endpoints being utilized, multiple threat vectors are being introduced and how are the threats of rogue mobile apps, mobile malware and SMiShing evolving? What are the risks inherent in mobile payments? This session reviews these emerging mobile malware threats, their impact on banking institutions and the latest technology solutions to help mitigate the risks.

Presenter: Nick Goknel - Principal Security Consultant, Webroot;

Fraud Investigations: How to Work Effectively with Law Enforcement and Governmen

Public sector organizations need to better understand the driving forces, priorities and procedures within the organizations they “protect”, but equally as important is that the private sector organizations reciprocate and understand the how, what and why of the law enforcement/public body process.

This mutual understanding of each other’s missions is pivotal to positive and impactful collaboration. The session will examine a number of high profile cases identifying best practice and a framework for how lasting relationships can be built and the positive impact on organisational and operational objectives.

Presenter: Steve Strickland - National Lead, Force for Fraud, City of London Police;

Navigating The European Legal Landscape

As anti-fraud and anti-corruption laws are being enforced aggressively on both sides of the pond, companies and public bodies are faced with sometimes conflicting requirements to comply with. Balancing corporate ethics, requests for data or requirements to retain data, and data protection regulations can be challenging. We live in an information society, and data is a valuable asset – but it also carries risks for those who process it. The CEOs of the many companies who suffered major data breaches recently have learned the hard way that being equipped with the knowledge to make the right decision when it comes to data is not only an advantage, but a necessity. Meanwhile, in boardrooms across the world, privacy makes its way into the top list of corporate risks.

Join this panel of experts to:

  • Identify the challenges of complying with sometimes diverging requirements (e.g. fraud investigation, whistle-blowing vs data protection and electronic disclosure vs data protection);
  • Hear practical solutions and share your experience;
  • Learn how the current EU reform of data protection legislation might impact you;
  • Determine how can you prepare for the changes.

Panelists: Rita DiAntonio - Managing Director, IAPP Europe; Rohan Massey - Partner, McDermott Will and Emery; Seth Berman - Executive Managing Director at Stroz Friedberg; Shona Harper - Chief Privacy Officer, Europe & Asia Pacific, TD Bank Group;

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