Advertising Opportunities

Lead Generation

Your brand is only as strong as the community that supports it. Throughout the year, ISMG uses a number of vehicles to distribute content, including white papers, e-handbooks and case studies. ISMG also delivers informative videos, webinars and interviews on the ever-changing threat landscape.

The Process

  1. Our Community

    Hundreds of thousands of sales prospects from ISMG’s subscriber base, social media followers and search-engine-generated traffic, as well as media partner referrals visit our properties every day.

  2. Self Segmentation

    Prospects interact with ISMG’s content by browsing news articles, reading blogs, listening to podcast interviews, downloading white papers, attending webinars and accessing editorial content. Prospects take these actions on their own, with little encouragement. The content drives the visitor to engage in the site.

  3. Uncovering the Prospect's Needs

    Because we publish volumes of content in a continuous manner on a wide range of risk and security topics, we are able to hone in on a prospect’s precise area of interest based on the actions that person takes, even if they’ve not specifically indicated it.

  4. Targeting

    We utilize both a prospect’s implicit data (title level, job function, company size, etc.), and explicit actions they take while interacting with our content to identify who may have the strongest interest and need. These are the prospects we target with vendor messaging.

  5. Qualified Prospects

    Subscribers that download content represent the most qualified sales-ready leads as they exhibit many of the behaviors associated with a buyer conducting due diligence in anticipation of a purchase.

Case Study
Successful Lead Generation Program

A vendor with a niche product needed to procure fresh prospect leads over a three-month time span to hand off to sales.

The vendor supplied a variety of white paper assets to utilize as part of the program, which were syndicated to subscribers to two of ISMG’s most relevant publication brands. ISMG was able to create a defined segment of roughly 10,000 professionals who matched the vendor’s target demographic and filter criteria, and also showed strong recent interest in the vendor’s messaging. Through a series of dedicated emails, website promotions, an internal banner campaign, and social media mentions, ISMG was able to secure over 100 qualified leads per month.

  • 5 White Papers
  • 2 Publications
  • 3 Months
  • 350 Qualified Leads Delivered

60% of ISMG's traffic comes from new users - a constant flow of fresh prospects for continuous lead generation.

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