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Thought Leadership

ISMG can help your brand become recognized as an education-provider and authority on a specific topic.

Education Provider = Thought Leader

ISMG brands are already recognized sources of thought leadership. Our overall Board of Advisers contains a unique, active group of industry leaders who guide our coverage of security, fraud, privacy and risk management issues. These experts regularly offer input about emerging issues and contribute insight via podcast interviews, blogs and our webinar training programs.

Because thousands of security professionals actively pay to access ISMG’s educational content, they place more trust and value in ISMG’s brand than they do with other typical “online magazines.” This trust and value is passed along to vendors who participate in marketing programs with ISMG. They will be seen as thought leaders and education providers, as opposed to just another solutions-provider looking for a lead.

In order to become recognized as a true visionary and thought leader around a specific topic, vendors need to provide actionable education. ISMG offers the ideal outlet to collaborate on and offer this education as thousands of security professionals already trust and turn to the ISMG brand for insight.

Thought Leadership Opportunities

  • Round-Table Webinars
  • Category Sponsorships
  • Microsite Sponsorships
  • Survey Sponsorships
  • Blogs and Advertorials
  • Custom White Papers
  • Audio/Video Interviews
  • In-Person Events
  • Custom Programs

Case Study
Successful Thought-Leadership Program

ISMG administered its annual “Faces of Fraud” custom research program, and invited five security technology companies to participate. Each company had input into the creation of the survey questions and had their respective brands prominently highlighted in all survey-related promotions.

All five companies were included in the survey results Executive Summary and had representatives participate in a results roundtable webinar.

  • 1 million brand impressions produced for sponsors
  • 67% of those who accesssed the
    survey report indicated a
    senior management title level

Join the brightest minds in the security industry and position your brand as an education provider.

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