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Sanjay Kalra, Chief Executive Officer, Information Security Media Group

Sanjay Kalra,
Chief Executive Officer

In my current role as the CEO of ISMG, I get the rare opportunity to speak with a range of our loyal subscribers - mind you, I truly mean a range from the largest multi-national financial services institutions, the smallest healthcare organizations, the largest government agencies and just about everyone in between. And there are several major themes that are rampant among the CEOs/boards and their senior managers - it's the fear of their organization being the victim of the next breach. It's the fear of non-compliance to industry regulations and standards. It's the fear of not knowing if a business partner who they share their customers' data with can be trusted. It's the un-known, it's the un-certainty, it's second-guessing all of their information risk management practices that they have relied on for years now.

I truly wish that we had the data to alleviate their concerns. We don't. In fact, what we do have to offer to our subscribers and followers is quite contrary to that – it's the data that we've gathered from our community of over 500,000 practitioners, at times from the surveys we've conducted during the last year, but most notably during one-on-one conversations during our summits, executive dinners and roundtables. The data is sobering. And these executives have the reasons to be concerned because – nearly half of the security professionals on our network indicated they’ve suffered a targeted attack over the past year. At the same time, only half indicate “above average” ability to detect advanced threats and targeted attacks. Further, only 25% indicate they utilize some type of next-generation threat protection.

Even though we don't have much data to calm their nerves, what we do have to offer is the knowledge. The knowledge from our distinguished boards of advisers, timely news and analysis from our global team of veteran journalists and most important, knowledge from the most engaged community of our 500,000 followers and subscribers globally. They are telling us that the delivery/dissemination of this timely 'knowledge' is crucial to the success of their Information Security and Information Risk Management programs. They are telling us that this knowledge in the form of news, analysis, interviews with industry analysts and practitioners and participation in our online and off-line/in-person events has become part of their day-to-day workflow. They are also telling us that the Information Security and Information Risk Management programs they support have matured to the point that on one hand they have the resources and management buy-in for defending their systems, networks and the social and mobile platforms, while at the same time they are investing in other areas such as breach response, legal expertise, risk metrics, education, certification, and overall raising the awareness among their employees as well as their business partners. Above all, they are telling us that they are hard at work making significant investments in strengthening their technology infrastructure.

Whether you are looking to engage this global community of information security decision-makers or you are looking to learn and educate yourself, we can help. Among our education, events, research and sponsorship programs from our portfolio of twenty-seven global media properties, we are confident we can meet your needs.

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Sanjay Kalra,
Chief Executive Officer, Information Security Media Group